Is it possible to embed Neovim in Atom?


Seeing that Neovim is getting bigger and bigger and it’s possible to be embedded and be used as the engine in projects like ONI , is there a possibility to do it in Atom? I think it would drive a lot of users to it being that vim-mode and vim-mode-plus take too much effort to emulate its functionality and are still missing a lot of functionality; or am I just better of going to projects like ONI?


I don’t understand what you are suggesting exactly. Atom is its own text editor. What would it mean to “embed” Neovim into atom? Are you talking about somehow replacing all of the internal text-editing of Atom and replacing it with Neovim?

A project like ONI is different, ONI is a program that offers an GUI built on top of Neovim. To do this with Atom would (I think) require throwing away all of the current editing backend of Atom.


Well, you’re right, that would be just not using Atom, but then again, it would be cool to have the UI as a separated project to be used on top of anything


You can run just about any web app you want inside Atom. You could write a custom opener that takes a storyboard file and uses some 3D graphics library to render and show an animation all without leaving Atom, if you wanted to, and that would be about the same size of project as replacing the TextBuffer with a differently architected buffer: not horrendously difficult and could be accomplished by a solo coder or a small team, but intricate enough that the people who do the work will have to have a reason to care about getting it done (because they want to use it or are being paid).


Now, that’s an answer, thanks, I guess it would be big task and maintaining it after would be harder, it’ll go into my “would be great not dying without it” bucket to do some day