Is it possible to distribute delta updates to your electron app


I am curious if it is possible to distribute delta updates for your electron app. If I changed few lines of code and everything else is same , do I need to distribute complete packaged app again?. The Packaged app might contain same version of electron, node and other dependencies. In this cas I will be just distributing more than 30MB of duplicate which my users might not have bandwidth for.


It should be possible, yes. To my knowledge, nobody has built anything like this yet though.

You could write your own updater that would check a url and tell it about the version updates and what files need to be updated in order to make that transition. Your app could then download those files, overwriting the ones the user has, and then reload the ui. All this assumes that the file you need to overwrite isn’t the main that executes electron. Then you would have to restart the app because a ui refresh wouldn’t fix that.

This would take some work but it shouldn’t be hard


Writing an updater can be a lot of work and has the potential to divert a lot of development resources.

The company I work for has developed an updater/installer that works independent of Electron that can be used to update Electron apps. The product is called DIRECT and it is developed by Solid State Networks.



A module exist to do that (only on Windows) with electron-builder.
You have need electron-builder & electron-builder-squirrel-windows modules
I had tried few times to have a delta file “.nupkg” as on this website or that but I had some difficulties.

Option squirrelWindows is deprecied


Yes it can be done.I tested with windows it is working fine.