Is it possible to display object outside electron window?



I am developing an electron application for windows. I was just curious if there is a way to use the area outside the electron app. Maybe this is not at all possible but thought I might ask anyway since I’m new to electron.

Some examples:

-Place an icon or animation somewhere on the screen

-Interact with the mouse cursor (i.e. displaying a notification box below the mouse at some point or visualize clicks for screen casts)

-Paint or write text on screen for demonstration purposes (above applications and desktop).

Thanks in advance for any help!



perhaps you open new frameless window with transparent option.
so that you can display other elements on top of the 1st app window.


That’s one possibility I have thought about! I guess I will have to experiment a bit to make it work if there are no other ways… I guess due to the architecture of electron (platform independent as well) it might be hard to achieve integration with the windows shell.