Is it possible to create an OS in electron?


Is it possible to create an OS in electron, before you immediately say no because electron cannot be converted to assembly, please just put some research into it… I’ve heard of eXtern OS ( ) which uses web technologies, Js, etc to build it so I was wondering to see if it was possible…


It says it’s powered by NW.JS which i’m guessing is Node Web.javascript


In theory, you can create an OS in any language that supports primitive computational structures, which is nearly all programming languages. You can’t run a JavaScript-based kernel in anything other than a JavaScript engine, though, so it would be limited to creating virtual machines and I’m not sure what the benefit would be of a project like that when we have solid virtualization technologies that already exist and are much faster.

According to the eXtern OS web site, it’s built on Linux (check the last section under Advanced) and uses NW.JS to run applications.