Is it possible to convert google chrome package(Extention) to Atom package?


Something like this:

url = "{SomeSelectedTexOrWord}"
        # Shell.openExternal url #this open browser but this is very uncomfortable
      xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest() "GET", url, false )
      xmlHttp.onreadystatechange = ->
          if this.readyState == 4
              parser = new DOMParser()
              doc = parser.parseFromString(xmlHttp.responseText, "text/html")
              resultbox = doc.getElementById("result_box")
      xmlHttp.send( null )

I have heard google transalte api paid service? maybe alternative


I’m sure it is possible to take some of the code and drop it into an Atom package. You would probably need to convert any of the UI code to use the Atom API. Atom doesn’t provide a conversion tool from one to the other though.


The problem is that google somehow hide exstention folder maybe because of paid services for Googletranlsate Api.