Is it possible to clean up my .atom folder?


I was just copying the .atom folder to a flash drive so that I could make sure I have the same settings at home and work, and it was taking ages. I had a look and according to df, it’s 823MB !

I ran disk inventory X on it, and it seems to be mostly full of package.tgz files. I assume these are left over by the package manager. There are 22 old versions of ‘pigments’ for example, each one 5MB.

I realise storage is cheap these days, but it seems wasteful to me. Is it safe to remove these old packages manually? Event better, couldn’t atom’s package manager do a bit of housework itself?


To my knowledge, there’s no reason you can’t clean it up yourself. I don’t know if there is a technical reason why apm doesn’t tidy up after itself.