Is it possible to adjust scrolloff value?


Current behavior

  1. Open atom.
  2. Open a file with more than one screenful’s worth of lines.
  3. Click on the last line currently shown.
  4. Notice the screen moves up by two lines, showing the next two lines and causing your selected line to no longer be the bottom-most shown line.


In vim, this feature is called “scrolloff” and is customizable. I am trying to implement the ‘H’ and ‘L’ keybindings in vim-mode and need answers to the following two questions to finish my implementations.

  1. Is the number of lines used for scrolloff (three in the above example) customizable?
  2. Is it possible to query the atom API for the current scrolloff value.



I would love to know the answer to this too; right now a two line scrolloff is a bit too small.