Is it possible to add items to mac's "finder" contextual menu?


I want to be able to run a script by right clicking on files in mac’s finder, app is this possible through electron?

Standard menu services, is that the same menu as when I right click in finder with services in the bottom?

You might need to package an Automator script with it.


Actually that is what exactly what I just done. Thanks anyway. Do you know if I can install automator script on peoples computers, if I give them some kind of install script?


I haven’t used OS X in years other than the rare occasion, so I do not (and can’t experiment to figure it out), but this community is fairly Mac-heavy. There are some resources online, but it seems like you’ll need permission one way or the other (sensibly), so it might be best to package your app in a .dmg with the script and instruct the user to install the script. You might even be able to use some Node feature to open the script automatically so that the user just has to accept the prompt, but that could be seen as heavy-handed.


Very late reply, but maybe someone finds this useful in the future

You can copy or install the workflow you created with Automator (e.g. ~/Library/Services/Open in Atom.workflow) to other computers. Note that .workflow is a folder (→ “Show Package Contents”.)

I created this gist with some further info.