Is it possible make [[Double brackets]] link in edit/preview mode?


At the end of this text I given three text file examples stored in the same directory, and my question is whether it is possible to get Atom to open the other files by Ctrl-clicking in Edit mode, or possibly directly when in Preview mode (replacing the current file).

The link I want to be active is in the form [[Link name]], and potentially [[Awful link]]. I’ve seen Clickable links in markdown file, which refers to These links kind of indicates that this could be doable, but I’m not sure how to do combine this information, to get my wanted result.

So is this doable? Is it done already in some package? Or could you point me towards how to do this?

PS! I do now programming (in both C#, php, a little javascript, and so on), but not in the context of Atom packages and add-ons.

Example files

Given the following documents:

File Main.markdown

This is my main page, with links 
to [[Secondary]] and [[Tertiary file]].

File Secondary.markdown

Just some text, possible with [[Main]] link.

File Tertiary_file.markdown

Some other text!


It’s doable. The actual hard work of making clickable text in Atom editors has been done by the Nuclide team with hyperclick. What hyperlink-hyperclick does is create a provider that tells hyperclick what sort of text it’s looking for and what to do when the text is clicked. What you want it to do on click is to get the path of the current file, calculate the location of the desired one based on the link name, and open it.