Is it not possible to execute C directly in Atom on windows?


I’ve been trying to find a solution on how to execute C code directly inside the Atom editor.
Typically, you’d use Scripts for this as it does exactly that, however C doesn’t seem to be supported on windows for some reason.

What’s the reason behind this? Has anyone gotten direct console output from C console applications inside Atom on windows?


I’m not sure why script says it doesn’t support Windows for C/C++, but gpp-compiler does.


I don’t mean compiling out of Atom, but actualyl running in Atom. gpp-compiler does of course compile it and execute it, but in a seperate shell (essentially just executing the .exe).

I’m looking for a solution to directly implement the output of a C console application into the editor (like Script does it)


There are a few terminal packages for Atom that you could potentially use for this. I don’t know of any off the top of my head that for certain support Windows though :confused:


Is there a Windows-compatible binary that can execute C code without compiling it? If so, then script will work just fine for you (you just have to make a profile with the command to point it at the correct binary).