Is it just me or did the editor tabs become too narrow on Windows?


I remember complaining to myself about the amount of tabs I had open a few times with Atom on PC, one day after working on my mac for a day or two, Atom on PC suddenly had shrinked narrow tabs!

I wondered if there was some config file corruption that caused this, so I uninstalled Atom, deleted the entire User/[me]/.atom but it’s the same still, as you can see from the screenshot. So was it something on my computer, or did a new version of Atom cause this on Windows? Atom on Mac had no such problem.



There is a FAQ post for this behavior. I believe it was changed in Atom 1.8.0.


Oh god, thank you so much, my PC has a small screen width of 1280px, even when I have 1 file open it is very narrow, and if 2 tabs open and one of them has short name like try.js, forget it, it is so narrow that I close it by mistake instead.

Huge thanks.


There is an open issue about the close button being too big. You can actually click far outside the X of the button and it registers as a click. I agree that the narrow tabs combined with this issue is annoying.