Is it just me, or atom menu is pretty damn inconvenient

for example, how one would logically find Install package without serfing through all menu item, and not using welcome screen after all ?

Perhaps one would read the manual where it talks about installing packages.

Or perhaps click the Packages link at top of this discuss page, research and select a package (out of 8000+), and click install button alongside package link?

you think that it’s normal, to get outside of your working environment to get things done, especially such simple thing ?

How is inside the editor outside?

I think it’s normal to look at online documentation when you are learning how to use a new computer program. My browser is part of my working environment, and it is my preferred way of reaching documentation.

  1. The fact that you mention the welcome screen specifically tells me you probably come from VS Code. That IDE is more geared towards people who prefer a polished and user-friendly IDE experience, whereas Atom is more geared towards power users who just need a good advanced text editor. As a result, different choices have been made, e.g. the focus on the command palette over docks full of buttons to click. Neither is inherently superior; just a different way of working.
  2. As a developer, you should to be able to figure this sort of stuff out. E.g. by searching for documentation online. Typing “install package in atom” in both Google and DuckDuckGo will yield plenty of information within the first couple of hits.
  3. As others pointed out: when you’re starting with a new application, and its use is not immediately clear, it’s only polite to check the documentation first before complaining on the support forums.

I mostly agree with @grenudi: yes, we are developers, power users, we could browse documentation etc, but Packages tab is probably the one I use most, probably more than all other menus together, and having it at hand reach wouldn’t hurt, instead of needing three clicks (never tried by the Command Palette).

Packages menu does run very deep as packages are added. But I have evolved a workflow which places frequent calls to Packages into a much smaller custom dropdown menu in top menubar. This simplifies the hunting for packages.

The original complaint was about the Install tab in the Settings view.