Is it just me or are the source links borked?


Choose BufferedProcess and then click source for the constructor.

How can we help you write packages?

Yeah, there’s a double slash in there between atom and blob

If you take it out … everything works.

@thedaniel, can you take a look at this when you get a chance?


Been annoying me for days; tried tracking down where Biscotto is configured so I could file a PR, but had no such luck. Doesn’t seem to be public. So yeah, @thedaniel, this one is yours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve tried removing it and had mixed success, sometimes it works, other times no…


Well, there are some links that are for classes that aren’t actually in Atom Core … like Text Buffer. Those don’t work, last I checked.


I see, thanks for explaining that. It’s pretty confusing for new users trying to browse the docs.