Is (Atom's website) open sourced?


Just a quick simple question – is open sourced? I couldn’t find it anywhere on the Atom GitHub org, and I’d like to be able to contribute if I can.

Is it possible to contribute to the webstie?

Yes under the MIT license:

Here is the announcement :

That said a quick search for Open Source did not produce any results in the main pages


No I didn’t mean Atom, I meant specifically Atom’s website at


@thedaniel @kevinsawicki @benogle @nathansobo et al.


To my knowledge, no, the source for the website is not available.


It isn’t, there is a doc available for those trying to implement the API’s provided though in case you wanted to implement your own private/internal server.

Installation of packages without network access to amp package repository

Oh cool, thanks!

What about just the front page / site theme? Not that I have any serious changes in mind for them, just a few little tweaks I’d like to be able discuss adding.

If it doesn’t make sense for whatever reason to open source the site theme / home page source, then maybe having a forum category on here for the website would be good so we can have more focused discussion for it (it could go in Meta, but Meta seems like it’s meant more for Discuss).


meta is meant for discussions regarding Discuss. support covers questions, concerns and ideas for the website.


Please open an issue on the atom/apm repo for issues regarding whether they be styling, feature requests, etc, thanks!


Thanks! (Did you mean atom/atom?)


No, atom/apm is better since the site is so closely associated with the package manager.