Is Atom indexing slow?


Hey, I have a Laravel project and each time it takes 1 - 2 minutes to indexing.It is normal or I have some issues.Thank’s in advanced.


How large is this project, in terms of number of files and total size? What packages do you have installed? What version of Atom and what operating system are you running?


The size on disk is 376 mb and contains 76,687 Files, 6,331 Folders.Now I see it has some folders and files… I think node_modules has a lot of folders. I use like 7 plugins advanced-open-file, pigments, emmet, file-icons, atom-beautify, fonts, goto-definition. Atom is 1.29.0 x64 and Windows 10 . I was wondering is I can do some tweaks.


You should use a .gitignore file even if you don’t use git to sync your project. Atom will, by default, ignore everything mentioned in .gitignore, and if you initialize a git repo in your project folder, it should ignore node_modules automatically.

The extended indexing time is definitely because you have tens of thousands of tiny files that Atom hasn’t been told to not look at.


I have not used it until now, does it make something to the project or atom pass over it ?


Atom does a lot of looking at files in the background and having too many files being accessed can slow down your computer depending on how much memory and processor your machine have available. You might not even notice it until one day when you do a lot of things at once.