Is anyone testing this product?


Atom, hangs for me multiple times per day. I have to stop the app and start it up again. Often, Atom reports nonexistent compile errors. Again, I have to stop the app and start it up again. Then the nonexistent compile errors disappear.

The bugs in this app should be obvious to the most casual user. Is there anyone trying to fix these bugs? Are there developers and support people actively working on Atom?

Currently, Atom will not start for me. I had to restart Atom because it got hung up again. This app has hung dozens of times for me. Currently after restarting, Atom will not start back up. I uninstalled the app, and reinstalled it. The app still hangs. I shutdown all of my programs to shutdown my machine, shutdown the machine, started the machine back up, and started Atom again, and you guessed it, Atom is still hung.

Is this what I have to expect from this application? Today in order to move forward in my project, I am going to have to move to a different editor, because Atom is down for the count.


Respectfully, do you even atom -d -f?
You’re insulting a lot of people right now, and not providing any avenue for helping you in the process.


I am only speaking the truth. If you do a search on these problems, you will see reports of this situation dating back a couple of years, which is plenty of time to have fixed these problems. If someone had delivered this kind of product to a customer or employer, my comments would be pretty tame compared to what you would hear from an employer or customer. The focus of your criticism should not be directed at the user of this product reporting bugs in a frank manner; the focus of your criticism should be directed at the personnel that have let these problems continue for so long.

BTW, I performed the ‘atom -d -f’ that you suggested. I received a cryptic message that suggests that I should load some dev tools to debug the problem. Imagine if all of the software that I used crashed as often as atom, and I am directed to load some dev tools to debug their software. A thoroughly debugged editor is necessary for me to continue on as a software developer. Atom in is current state is not such an editor.

First of all, Atom is stuck in some unknown state now, and I don’t have time to debug this editor myself. Second of all, I would have hoped that someone would have responded taking ownership of the problems with a better response than to blame the user. For now, I am moving on to test drive VSC.


After reading some other reports of this problem, a user suggested using the command line, “atom --safe”.

After using those command line options, the editor seems to work now. But who knows when Atom will unceremoniously crash again?


The second step in the Debugging page (after making sure you’re on the latest stable version) is to test in safe mode.

Since everything seems to be working fine in safe mode, it would seem that what you’re reporting isn’t being caused by Atom itself but by a community package you have installed. It may be that there is still a bug in Atom. If so, we’ll need the maintainer of the package that is causing the problem to help track that down.

What we need you to do is to figure out what community package is causing the problem. Some people have reported that using the package-cop package has been helpful, you may want to try it. Once you’ve determined what package is causing the problem, The Atom FAQ has information on how to contact the maintainers of any Atom community package or theme so you can file this issue there.


@qm3ster: atom -d -f won’t do anything to help in this occasion. Running in dev mode shouldn’t fix any problems, and -f is only used to debug certain problems (and hence is most helpful when combined with --safe).


Here are blatantly obvious solutions, that are prob not relative here, but I miss the obvious often…

  1. Of course you have all your add-ons and themes removed from within the atom UI. If not, do so and reboot. That’ll fix all your problems.

  2. Opening a new file from an application other than atom itself, creates a new instance of Atom. That’s beautifully hidden. If you open finder and open 7 files, that will kill your system. Atom is a memory hog when running Many instances.

Things like this are frustrating. Don’t give up hope. Solving tedious problems is how you learn the best, so chalk this one up as a learning experience when you finally solve it. And when you do, because there is always a fix, please post the solution here as well please, I’m curious.

And from one programmer to another, don’t bail in atom yet, of course use the tools you need to finish you work, but atom is the new Vim ( and Emacs ). Xcode and Atom are the only IDE’s I’ll ever use anymore. Xcode for iOS specific and atom for anything and everything else.

Solve your problems with Atom and be patient with the product and you will reap massive rewards in productivity. Although I can completely empathize, atom is not a lemon.

Cheers and Good luck!

And send the debugger stack. What ever you can find.


This is assuming that everybody else is having the same problems you are. I haven’t had Atom hang on me in quite a while, and when it did, I was working with a file that had a very long line (one of the situations that Atom does not handle well).