IRC client in atom


Our team at work uses for group chat and it uses IRC as the protocol. So, I wrote a package (WIP but works) to have IRC chat show in the editor with status bar notifications (changes color when unread message appears).

I’d love some feedback on it as well as some pull requests for missing features such as:

  • PMs
  • Easier channel join/leave/switch
  • Nicer interface

Check it out and let me know what you think.


That is so spooky!

I sat yesterday and thought that it could be a cool think to work on and you just went ahead and did it! :smile:


Not sure about the way it shows the window, maybe it would be nice to be a separate tab.
Just a suggestion.


Yea, it’s more of a proof of concept. I’m thinking about moving it to a pain that hides/shows.


Does it work with ZNC? An IRC client in atom would be nice so I can use it instead of emacs ERC.


I’m not familiar with ZNC, but if it supports the irc protocol, then it should work.


@AbeEstrada I updated the package to use a separate tab. I agree that it is a much better presentation.


There’s still quite a bit to do for it if you want to combine forces.