IPC changes in v10.1.0?

I have an application that delivers messages from the main process to the renderer using something like this:

this.fullPlayerWindow.webContents.send(IpcCommands.MEDIA_CONTROL, key);

This works fine with Electron releases up to version v10.0.1, but messages don’t seem to flow for version v10.1.0. Reading the release notes, I’m not seeing anything obvious that may have changed and impacted my code. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?


What platform are you running this on, PC, tablets, or android? Perhaps try to enable full screen mode during startup. Check to see if ‘Verbosity’ is on and if not then see if it makes a difference with older working release. Remove sent header information from cache. Restart application on running device.

Try Volume key as a mutext-ansible role rather than a startup behavior.

Thanks for the response.

This is on desktop platforms. In particular, MacOS (latest) and Ubuntu Linux (latest). This was all working on the 7.x versions of Electron. When I tried to jump to latest, it stopped working. I found if I reverted back to the 10.0.x it worked. So, this changed as of 10.1.0 in my testing.

Where is the verbosity option located? I also don’t understand the comment relative to the Volume key.

Settings > Accessibility > voice assistant

Sometimes it can prevent background ‘running’ processes from reading as javascript…

but, in this case I doubt that’s the problem.
You’re probably in a tools or highlights (updated, sellinux, or postgres) USER menu and therefore it is not running the script internally but intepreting it as code ie. parent object. Old version used to use process architecture. The current release uses sprite sheets I believe as environment variables. Temporary directories will not update full screen applications modules properly, and cause UI to serve as display modules instead…

This is why ansible roles are used. To stop copied items from adding to the call stack and interupting workflow

Can you point me in the direction of any documentation about these changes? I only know of Ansible in terms of a system administration tool, so I’m confused about how it applies in the context of an Electron packaged application.


Is that Atom-specific? In this case, I’m just using Electron.

Electron is to ansible as atom is to ASCII.

:fire: back

#Follow the link for electron-specific documentation

It turned out I was an idiot. My preload script was failing to load, thus failing to register the IPC listeners. Of course, it failed to load because my logging code was busted, so I wasn’t seeing it. Apologies for the confusion.