Ipc between atom windows?


Does anyone know a simple way for packages in separate Atom windows to talk to each other? I can write and read files but that is ugly and slow.

This may seem like a duplicate of IPC in Atom Package but it isn’t. This is between Atom windows, not atom and a child process.

Edit: I’m probably going to use tpc/ip since it will work even across machines and will be fast on a local machine.


I ended up using Emitter from atom but I’m pretty sure that wont work between atom windows.

What kind of messages are you trying to send?


I need general piping of text. I’m putting this project on the shelf until I get better ideas. This isn’t the only troublesome part of the project.


I’ve just serialized/deserialized text to get a simple IPC, as you suggest in your initial post. I found that to be sufficient for my needs.

Have you looked at IPC packages from npmjs.org?
This package seems to do what you’re suggesting.
I haven’t acually tried it, so if you do use it some feedback on how well it worked etc. would be great.


I looked at a lot of packages but I don’t remember which ones and why I didn’t use them. I think I didn’t use the module you referenced because it is network-based and slower than child process stdio. I don’t need inter-computer communications.

I am happy with the simple method I’ve used. The IPC is isolated in one file and it could be turned into a module.