iPad Pro and IOS

Hello guys, I love this program, very simple, minimalist and very easy to use. Now Apple had launch the new iPad Pro to the market, and I want to know if you know is this program will be available on IOS.

Thank you so much!!


Sorry. No one is porting to IOS. It runs on node and chrome and I’m sure apple wouldn’t allow it.

I think it’s a brilliant idea to bring Atom.io to iOS or just specifically iPad platform, making assumption that people will dock a keyboard for using it.

Since Apple is pushing hardly for portable app over iPad Pro, I think Atom.io will definitely start a good inspiration by doing so, redefining mobile productivity …


Seriously, atom for the iPad pro would be amazing. I know that Mark_hahn shot it down, but if Atom was on the iPad I’d get so much more utilization out of my iPad Pro. There are so many times where I want to code on the go so my iPad Pro is far more convienent to lug around than my MacBook Pro. Right now the only mobile text editor app that I have available is Coda, and it is definitely buggy. Atom should enter the app market and trump Coda, which cost $25, and it’s not even as good as Atom.

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Besides what @mark_hahn said, the Atom maintainer team has no plans to port Atom to mobile platforms:

has your view changed on this @leedohm? I am thinking about getting an iPad Pro (2017 model) would love Atom on iOS

If you are using Python try Pythonista for iOS.

If I’m not mistaken, aside from the developer’s decision to focus on desktop, it’s actually Apple’s policy that restricts this from happening.

Apple, however, requires that any browser that renders content on the device be of the Webkit variety (in order to control execution of downloaded/non-original code).

Note that this is not just a wrapper of native Safari (an important point!) as Safari has some improvements to the Javascript engine that essentially JIT compiles JS to native code and thus has better performance. Due to fact that this compiled code would be native (and thus potentially have security implications, and would be equivalent to downloaded/non-original code in Apple’s eye), no other browser receives these enhancements – only Safari.

via Quora

Has anyone used:


Seems like a promising text editor for iOS?

Atom.io on an iPadPro with support to edit code in place on a remote server would be awesome. Right now, I am using GoCoEdit as it does provide support for remote code editing in place. Can see the iPadPro replacing the need for a MacBook Pro and instead, using the iPadPro to edit code on an iMac Pro.

Luna Display might be the way to go. Sadly not available yet here in Australia. $79 - plug it into a Mac Mini ideally or other Mac and use over wifi.

While I came here to see if an iOS port of Atom existed/was planned, I’ve had pretty good success with Textastic. Given that Atom’s not likely to be ported to iOS, I encourage iPad-based coders to check it out.


I just want to say I love Atom, great tool so powerful and those working on it are doing a great job.

I just wanted to throw my two cents into this and say what about instead of porting to the platform, Apple certainly won’t be letting node run on an iPad any time soon, what about instead having a server instance that you can run on a machine locally and connect to via any web browser, including the iPads/phones/anything with a modern browser?
I see the concept of a web service version of Atom mentioned a fair bit and being shut down as an idea but you have all the foundations for a great service, no?

Eitherway, love this tool, just wish I could use it on my iPad Pro
Keep up the great work!

It gets shut down because it’s never a serious “I know how to get this done and want to contribute work to achieving it” suggestion. It’s always, “I have a cool idea that’s facially plausible and want someone to do work to make it happen.” The two are very different and open-source maintainers who have been around are sensitive to the difference.

well now that’s one way to piss on your community. Maybe the topic keeps coming up because it’s what the people want…
you gotta keep your finger on the pulse of the users, I thought that was the purpose of “Discuss”…thanks for being a dick about it.

Whose community? I’m part of said community, and as a part, I have had a few ideas for improving Atom. When I do, I fork it and make the changes myself, which is how you get things done in open source.

I have Pythonista and like it, my only issue is I have not seen a way to work on frameworks like Django in Pythonista or use things like numpy or pandas through pythonista.

Turns out there is a solution to this:
you can self host an instance of vscode and then connect via any web browser.
supports a plethora of languages. Guess I won’t need Atom anymore

I like for Textastic, too! It’s clean and intuitive. And I think you can link it up with “Working Copy”, made by the same guy.