Invites not going through - "sent date" weeks before I joined


I sent an invite the other day, one of my two, and it has not come through to his e-mail. That alone does not appear to be an uncommon problem looking over the support forums here. However, what is most certainly a problem is that the invite page claims I sent my first invite on “Feb 27, 14”. This is simply not possible, as I didn’t even sign up for until March 17th, the day I received a seemingly random invite.

I think this text editor is great, and I’d like to share it with a fellow enthusiast, but this situation makes it look like that may not happen until GA :frowning: Perhaps someone already invited the person in question? They do not believe they’ve got one, though.

From what I’ve read on the forums here, the fact that the sent date is weeks before I joined and thus could ever send make this distinctly different than other issues, or at other issues’ explanations/details. If this is closed as a duplicate, as all other “invite not working” posts have been closed, I’d at least appreciate it if you could link it to an issue with a response? Perhaps suggestions on how to resolve the issue?



See the new invite support instructions …

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