Invite disappeared


I downloaded a copy after logging in. Later I went to send an invite, after seeing an indication at the top that I had one remaining. Now it says I no longer have one. Was this “one remaining” not including the invite sent to me? Seems a bit odd to tell me that I have one invite available but have that one consumed when I download a copy.

You have invites remaining

This happened to me as well.
(edit: the invite email still went through - just odd to see a message saying you have no invites left without a confirmation of the previous action)


Mine seems to have gone through as well, but I got the same error message saying the invite was not sent.


Yup! This happened to multiple people at work today, myself included. The banner said I had one invite, I sent the invite, and then I was told I didn’t have any to send and my invite was sent to the queue to be sent when I earned an invite. But the invite went through and my friend was able to accept it.