Invitation error when I invite myself


Here’s an interesting one.

I’ve signed up for the Beta, haven’t been invited yet, however when I go to the homepage it says I have two invites remaining. “Woohoo! I’ll just invite myself” I think.

Clicking on it produces the following message:

Whoops! It looks like you don’t have any invites.

Perhaps inviting myself to something I’m not invited to yet has caused an infinite feedback loop in the space-time continuum?

Invite problem at homepage
Says I have invite but have non
I dont't get the invite

I have the same thing happening to me as well. I just assumed it’s because I signed up here on the discussion board but really not sure…


Had the same issue but I checked email and it was because they sent me an invite (clicked the link they provided and works now)


I just took another look through my spam folder and no invite there. Perhaps the future me sent the past me an invite not knowing I wouldn’t be able to use it until I get to the future.


Issue resolved thanks to dapithor’s invite.


Same error here. I would gladly invite myself too :wink: but I didn’t receive any email :frowning:

Can’t wait to try this editor


Same problem here. It says I have 2 invites remaining but once I click through to the page I get “It looks like you don’t have any invites”. :frowning:


Still get the same now, And noticed that there is a user page,


Hey guys!
Same here, was like Christmas wen i saw 2 invites remaining as well. Went ahead and click’d, then the dreaded “You have No Invites Left” page?

I hope this will get sorted and i am aching to contribute with some cool ui and syntax themes :wink:


I’d happily pass on the karma if someone would invite me since I have two mysterious invites but no beta. :confused:


Sending now…I can finally use one of my real invites…if you can PM me your email addresses I’ll be able to send an invite to you both.


Thanks to @coreyallen I actually have the beta and my two invites are now real. Send me a PM and I can invite anyone on this topic who has this issue.


Great idea @rebrimhall!
If somebody could get that karma rollin, i will gladly pass it on as well :wink:


I have that same issue with the home page showing 2 invites available, but none when I click the link. And no download link either.


i’m having the same issue if someone could invite me and then i can do the same for anyone else who is having the same problem.


@rebrimhall - I would love an invite if you still have some remaining please -


Invite requests belong in the invite thread:


I have the same problem. Buggy stuff:


if anyones having this problem let me know the karma train is starting pm and i can invite you.


I was having the same issue until someone kindly invited me. If you’re having the same problem, pm me and I will send you an invite.