Invalid Provisioning profile while uploading electron based MacOS app

Hello Team,

We are trying to upload MacOS app generated using electron-builder but we are getting following issue:

“ERROR ITMS-90283: “Invalid Provisioning Profile. The provisioning profile included in the bundle com.. [com...pkg/Payload/] is invalid. [Invalid ‘’ entitlement value.] For more information, visit the macOS Developer Portal.””

We have enrolled the certificates from Apple developer account.

  1. 3rd Party Mac Developer Application certi
  2. 3rd Party Mac Installer certi
  3. Developer ID application certi
  4. Developer ID Installer certi
  5. Mac Developer certi

We have generated the Mac_OS_Distibution_Provision_Profile using bundle ID: “com..” and kept the following entitlement values in entitlements.mas.plist file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



We even contacted Apple support but couldn’t get it resolved. Are there any mistakes we might be doing while following steps to create and upload MacOS build of electron.

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