Invalid link tags in RSS feed


It appears that the link tag is invalid in the RSS feed.

Currently it defines it as follows:
<link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>.
Both rel and type are not allowed in there causing the link tags to be invalid.

You can also verify it by validating the feed:

The main issue is that some RSS readers (like stringer) won’t be able to import the feed entries. Feedjira ignores the link tags in those stories because of those rel and type options.

Is it possible to fix the RSS feed and remove those options from the link tags?


@thedaniel, can you comment?


Sure, I’ll make a note to fix it.


Awesome, thanks! :thumbsup:


fyi: It works in newsblur


I think the real problem is that the feed is formatted as an Atom feed but declares itself as an RSS feed. I’ll have to look carefully into fixing this in a way that doesn’t cause a bunch of duplicate entries in the feedreaders that work (i.e. the large majority of them).


Don’t worry about that too much. The blog isn’t very high traffic.


I get Feed has items without valid urls error message when trying to subscribe from IFTTT.