Introducing Theme Roulette (New Package)


Hey Everyone, I just created a new package:

It’s weird.

Mostly for fun? It randomly switches to one of your installed themes.

Also, it has a feature that I always wanted, it can randomly select at a set interval.

Ever stare at code completely stuck and forget you’re staring? This might be a wake up call to stop, and look at it a bit differently.

All kidding aside, I find for example that with the solarized-dark theme I am reminded to delete superfluous parens with it’s almost obnoxious red parens.

Hope this is fun.


It’s a fun one.
Quick question: Shouldn’t the default theme be whatever is selected in the Settings View, rather than forcing it to be atom-dark-ui?


Oh, true! Oops. Did you download it? Packages just says 1 download (me, right after apm install)

I’ll change that tonight or tomorrow.


Nope, haven’t downloaded it yet, but I’ll try it out, for the giggles.


Btw, at the time, I didn’t realize you could get the currently active one. I got confused with the api method names etc.

Anyway that should be the call for this. I’ll check it out / fix it later!


@batjko, I totally did what you suggested :smile:

I called it theme-roulette now. I think it’s a much better name. Unpublished / published again etc.