Introducing Protons


I am slowly switching over to Atom completely, and decided to create a package with some features that I find useful and have gotten used to using other IDE’s/Editors.

Protons basically adds a bunch of components to Atom enabling additional functionality like Notepads, Time Tracking and soon Project Management as well as Task Manager/To-Do Lists.

This is the first version, and as such has only two (Notepads, Time Tracking) of the components functional at the moment. That being said both of them provide only basic functionality at this point of time, and will receive additional features soon.


Feedback is welcome & would be appreciated!


I like the idea and some of the functionality. But what if I only want the notepad functionality? Perhaps this would be best as a series of packages instead of only one?


I did think about splitting them as separate packages, but decided to go with it as a single package but a more component based structure simply because it made more sense in terms of development/maintenance and personal preference I guess. :wink:

With regards to not wanting to use all of the separate components if one doesn’t want to - I am currently working on making the package configurable so that one can choose to load/activate only specific components from the package.

That way you could install the package, and only have the Notepads component active and that would be the only functionality you would have access to.


+1 For splitting this into separate packages. Functionality is so different that it does not make sense to have this as one.


@muchweb Can you elaborate on “Functionality is so different”? Yes, the functionality offered by each component is different, but they do tie together with each other on the basis of a project, or at least that was my reasoning.

The reason I went with splitting them up in to components but within the same package was that all the components loosely tie together with Projects/Project Management features.


@leedohm You can now choose which components to activate & load from the Protons -> Settings section. An upgrade to v0.3.0 should enable this functionality. Enjoy!


“Notepads” and “Time Tracking” are fundamentally two different functionalities and seem to me to be best separated in two packages. I will make it easier for other to contribute and to also maintain the code in general.

Having number of small packages that perform their task well is a fundamental pronciple of Atom and UNIX in general.


I totally agree with @muchweb and @leedohm on this, this is typically why I pushed for a plugin API in the minimap rather than trying to every fit features in it. As time goes packages (or programs) tends to add more and more features, and generally in the end they get bloated and dropped by their users in favor of a much more lighter version (I think the history of most softwares goes like this, but this is purely empirical). It also allow for competition between plugins and it had proven to be healthy.

Otherwise, I like the idea of a project package thought to offer all these cool features.

It reminds me of this post about working with projects in Atom:

There’s a real need for a smarter project management in Atom for build tools, hinting, linting, testing, etc. This may be a good occasion to contribute in that way.

And finally a quick remark on the name, protons. Protons are hadrons (like neutrons) which mean they are composite particles, so I guess it makes even more sense to split protons in several quarks ;).


After giving it some thought, and some good points raised in this thread I have decided to go split up the components in to their own packages.

Part of me wanted to keep it bundled, but as pointed out and I started figuring it out, settings management was eventually going to become a hassle. Taking in to consideration the components/features yet to be implemented, the package would probably have become a bit too unwieldy for my own liking.

So here we go:


The above package is a port of the Notepads component from Protons and is available for download now. If you have previously installed Protons, it will automatically migrate over any of your current saved notepads so that you don’t lose that or have to manually create new ones. :smile:

@abe, you have a point, but I went for Protons because I wanted the next level below from Atom. Quarks would have been unstable multi-level jump down! Furthermore, all the more reason for me make up Protons with other intrinsic components. :wink:

I will deprecate and completely retire Protons shortly.