Introducing Preview Inline - preview maths and images within a document


This package lets you preview images and LaTeX maths within your document in a popup bubble. Place your cursor on an image link or within a Latex math block and trigger the preview-inline:show command (or use ctrl-alt-p).

This allows you for example to preview images and maths in Markdown documents without having to generate a PDF.

For now it’s limited to Pandoc flavor markdown, but contributions to extend to other markups is welcome. It should also work on text selections (e.g. if you select some LaTeX it should render that - barring bugs, which are likely) .

Maths rendering is done with KaTeX, with a MathJax fallback planned in the near future to handle whatever KaTeX can’t.


Atom package page

A sketch of a TODO list can be seen in the readme, contributions are welcome!