Introducing Markdown-Writer (package)


Hi all,

I created a package Markdown-Writer in the past few days.

The package make Atom great for static blogging, such as Jekyll.

I am using it and hope it would be useful to you as well. Please try it out and let me know what do you think.


Feature listing copied from README:

  • Dialog to create new draft or new post and publish draft.
  • Dialog to manage tags/categories in front matter with existed tags/categories populated for selection.
  • Dialog to insert link and automatically link to the text next time (my favorite feature from Windows Live Writer).
    • Insert inline link by default
    • Insert reference link if title is specified
    • Remove link (and its reference) after URL is deleted
  • Toggle text styles: code (cmd-'), bold (cmd-b), italic (cmd-i) and strikethrough (cmd-h).
  • Toggle headings": alt-[1-5] to switch among H1 to H5.

Update [2014-07-30]:

Due to an earlier package name change, there were errors on getting the configurations. Please re-install markdown-writer if you installed it before v0.5.0.


Update [2014-08-15]

New features:

  • Insert image
  • Toggle ul, ol, blockquote, etc

Insert Image