Introducing Jumpy! (new package)


Hi everyone,

Here’s a crazy little package I made that creates hotkeys for jumping around your code.

Best bet is to check the readme + image:

Please try it out and let me know what you think. Very experimental in nature although I don’t know of any bugs per se.



What a brilliant idea :smile: I wll give it a try



I originally envisioned this a long time ago for use with cmd-space (alt-space on windows) because it was very easy to type.

I made shift-space the default in fear everyone has spotlight or alfred bound on the mac to cmd-space. And wanted it to work out of the box. Let me know if shfit-space gets in the way of your typing. Maybe I should change the default. Whatever it ends up on has to be real easy to type :smile:


I find myself always pressing it while typing colon in JSON or CSS :smile: i. e.:

color: black;
      ⬆shift is still pressed


Yeah, do you use spot light with cmd space? I use double tap command in alfred, so I was able to do cmd-space previously. I have changed the default to shift-enter!

I don’t think that should collide much in the editor, it’s used for textboxes of course to skip to new line without submitting etc. Shouldn’t be a problem here. I probably have to fix input in the find box, although multiline finds are a RARE case IMO. I’ll make an issue.


I am using GNU operating system, so I don’t have a ‘spot light’, althought I am using Synapse with Ctrl+Space (default binding).

I have changed the default to shift-enter!

0.1.3 have just landed to my editor, I’ll give it a try :wink:


Any thoughts? Shift-enter seemed to go well with people at my company who tried it.


OMG! I love this! It’s amazing the amount of innovation happening around right now and this is another very cool thing. I love the shortcut of shift-enter too, doesn’t conflict with anything else, easy to intentionally hit, etc. Very cool.

Great work!


thanks for the package. I love it.
A question: is there a way to minimize the shadow behind the labels?


Also, it would be nice to be able to configure the font size via settings. It is uncomfortably small on my screen. Very nice though!


Yeah @fbrundu and @dreid93 , Atom is totally awesomely configurable. I will post a link to an updated readme with some in depth instructions on how to do that (it’s pretty easy).

Also, font size is really one that I should make configurable in the settings (great idea, thanks!).

I already started adding some settings last night for the homing beacon feature, coworkers seemed to like it a lot. That branch is almost ready to go, I’ll push a bunch of this stuff this weekend.

BTW, if you guys don’t know (I didn’t realize really), apm needs apm upgrade to upgrade the packages. I’ve been pushing fairly regularly, and really trying not to break anything in the process, I added a bunch of spec tests too.

If you guys notice an issue, let me know with github issues and I’ll try to roll back or fix it. I want this to be usable. To that effect in a new version I removed the 3dish moving animation and decreased the load time a tad (less distracting).

p.s. Totally open to pair program / pull requests etc.


I just did some variations on your orange labels example. Thanks for the great work!

This is the LESS configuration:

.jumpy {
    &.label {
        background-color: orange;
        color: black;
        font-family: Inconsolata;
        box-shadow: 2px 4px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6);
        font-size: 85%;
    &.jump {


Nice job! You’re using a light background, and I haven’t actually tested with those yet (oops).

I have to compare and contrast, but I think I like that font you chose better :smile: , I’ll probably make that the default. I was thinking font size and font family definitely make sense as options.

Also, I think I might put an option for less shadows for light backgrounds etc.


You may want to import ‘ui-variables’ in your stylesheet and rely on the colors it provides, that way you can be confident it won’t conflict with the user theme.


@abe, brilliant, I’ll try to implement this


@DavidLGoldberg, @abe, added pull request.

dark light solar gray


This is awesome. I love open source. Thanks @muchweb, @abe

I’ll pull this in tonight!!



This is awesome. I love open source. Thanks @muchweb, @abe

You are welcome :wink:

I, on the other side, much prefer free software as the word ‘open’ in ‘open source’ never revers to freedom .


Hey guys I have posted some thoughts comments about the pull request, working on it now.


New release!

I have merged in @muchweb’s pull request and made some modifications. Hopefully I kept the best parts of his work… Totally up for another round of tweaks when you guys want. Let’s try to keep the commits / pull requests really small. I’m ok pulling multiple. Thanks for the additions!