Introducing: CoffeeScript Preview


I really like using CoffeeScript for building packages for Atom. However, I am new to CoffeeScript and sometimes have to reference the Try CoffeeScript section of the website,, and try out some code snippets to see if they “compile” as I expect them to.
I have used Markdown preview and others and find them really helpful so I thought a CoffeeScript preview would come in handy. It has! Once I had a semi-functional version, I was using CoffeeScript Preview to help build CoffeeScript Preview!
I hope that this helps other CoffeeScript developers, both new and experienced.
Enjoy :smile:.

Atom Package:


Awesome! I’m definitely trying this out.
Live preview even? Can’t wait.


I’ve been doing the exact same thing with the Try Coffeescript @Glavin001… thanks for this!


@Glavin001 awesome work! This will really help me understand what is going on in my closures and help clear up the difference between do, and => for me.


This is pretty handy. How much of the package is specific to CoffeeScript? I’d love to have side-by-side compilation for other pre-processing languages like LESS & SASS too.


I’ve opened a little issue, about the syntax theme not being used for the preview window.

It’s very minor one of course, but would be nice to have fixed.


LESS or SASS would be definitely doable :). Maybe I’ll look into it later tonight – unless someone else has already started.


I will be resolving this soon, hopefully later tonight :).


I have started atom-preview which will be the ultimate previewer of source code for Atom.
See LESS support here


Looking forward to it!


Here it is!
Let me know how you like it and feel free to create new issues for language support.


Great, installed! It was at zero downloads so I guess I’m your first user :smile:

You should see if you can migrate over people who use coffee-script preview.


@Glavin001 Could it be worthwhile changing the tab name to whatever the output file extension would be, and allow people to save it directly as that file (say via Ctrl-S)?

I find myself wishing I could quickly save the javascript version in the preview all the time.


Absolutely! Could you make those issue(s) here? Thanks!


I have deprecated Atom CoffeeScript Preview in favour of Atom Preview.
See discussion here: Preview: Your Ultimate Previewer of source code in Atom!

Thanks for your support!