Introducing Atom Replace Pane


This is a small plugin I wrote out of necessity (kind of). I’ve grown accustomed to using split panels instead of tabs in my workflow and this plugin augments that workflow by opening files in the existing pane instead of opening in a new pane/tab. Works great when you have tabs disabled too.



I’m not sure I understand what this does.
It opens new files in a new split pane instead of a tab, is what you’re saying?

So not like Preview Tabs, that opens new files in the existing tab, unless the content was modified?

Maybe you could add a gif showing an example of how it works?


I guess a screenshot may help us to understand what it will be like.

By the way, I’m accustomed to tabs and thus have difficulty in imaging how you can work efficiently without them.


I just updated the Github page with a preview gif. Hope that clears it up. This plugin is slightly different than Preview Tabs. This one will always open new files in the existing tab/pane and save unmodified content before replacing it.


Ah, I think I understand.
In this case, the fact that it saves the file before switching to a new one is the main difference. Maybe you can point that out in your README?