Introducing Atom Commander


Hello everyone

Atom Commander is an embedded dual-pane file manager for Atom and is meant to provide a view on the file system that is familiar to many people. I’d appreciate some feedback on this and any suggestions. Keep in mind that it is not intended to be on the same level as something like Total Commander, but I’m keen to add features that make sense within the context of Atom.

Please log any bugs. I also haven’t been able to test it on Windows, so there may be issues or nice-to-haves that I am not aware of.


Is there a way to prevent “toggle focus” from activating when I navigate the tree. It makes it really hard to drill down in a directory structure when the tree shifts up and down when double-clicking a folder and hitting a file.


I haven’t seen behaviour that looks like what you’re describing, but I’m also not quite sure what you mean by “double-clicking a folder and hitting a file”.

Please log a bug with reproduction steps. Also mention what OS you are using and your Atom theme so that I can attempt to reproduce it with the same environment.