Intro Tutorial/walkthrough for new users


It would be great to have some kind of introduction tutorial run at the beginning to show me around.The Welcome page was nice, but incomplete. Ideas for what should be in an introductory walkthrough?


I assume this is for Atom and not Electron.

I agree. Both vim and emacs come with a built-in tutorial, in plaintext. They’re both interactive in the sense that you actually edit the tutorial file using the features built into the editor. Gee, I should be able to rapidly navigate my text by jumping by word, line, block. How do I do it? I could search the command pallet to figure it out, or turn to my mouse and the menus and right-click but it’s so slow to get up to speed that way. A nice 30-minute primer on basic navigation and editing would be wonderful.

The flight-manual is wonderful. But it’s a manual and manuals are for reference. They are lousy tuts.

I may or may not tackle this, but I have about 20 other projects of higher priority. And I’m still learning all the atom goodness, myself.