Intellisense for Node.JS



I’m new to Atom (and server-side JavaScript). Historically, I’ve developed in Eclipse and some of the JetBrains IDE’s. I am aware that Atom is very much in its early stages of development, and quite impressive thus far, however am looking for one feature which I cannot seem to make work.

Intelligent code completed for node.js. I.e. I would type something like


And a drop down would dynamically present me with options such as ‘log’ or ‘error,’ etc.

I’m still very new to the JS community, but believe that this is something TernJS does? So, I found two packages out there, Tern and TernJS but cannot seem to make either work (even after starting the server).

Are there any other options out there at this time?



The Autocomplete+ package has become rather popular.
I think it will serve you just fine.
It’s not exactly Intellisense for language APIs, but it does cover a lot of the basics.


Thanks, I’ll install it and try it out.


There was a plugin for implementing TernJS in Atom but it seems to be stale. That would be the best option.


In newest version of (and all plugins) Intellisense doesn’t complete code from required modules even from standard like a “fs”, “http”.


All it takes is for someone to create an autocomplete-plus provider for Node.js libraries like was done with the autocomplete-atom-api package.


Yes, I think that’s kind of an obvious one, since there are already others like it, e.g. for Python and Ruby.