Integration of Terminal Filer Editor WebBrowser in a single window


Congratulations for the beta release of this nice project.

As most of the geeks here have noticed the value of this product,
cf) Terminal replacement
,since now we have an UI face (Chromium) and node Engine integrated, we can do almost anything on ATOM.

Many hackers uses their terminal as their own tool that does whole like Swiss Army Knife, like
terminal: itself
filer: midnight commander
editor/ide :vim, emacs

I love that idea, but one thing they never can reach is webbrowser since the environment is CUI after all.

In the past, I have tried to build HTML5 based terminal, filer and IDE for my own, but gave up several times, but the idea of having integrated tool always fascinates me.

I have been a SublimeText user, and there’s a plugin to try to implement terminal.

Unfortunately the project is immature.

Work process without switching multiple window is clean and effective.

Now, we have a nice editor and IDE on HTML5.
The best HTML5 terminal is Google’s SecureShell extension.

I wonder if there’s a way to fork this extension to top on ATOM and replace my default terminal completely.

PS. I’m developing some plugin and uploading. Please someone invite me. Thanks.