Integration of Markdown and LaTeX


I like the simple way of wring in markdown as well as the beautiful display of math formulas by LaTeX. With the help of mathjax or KaTeX, the math formulas can be lively previewed in markdown writing. However, if you choose your language as markdown, then you do not have the snippets and syntax highlights for latex. If you choose your language as latex, then you do not have the snippets and syntax highlights for markdown, and you lose the fantastic live preview. Is there a way of combing these two languages so that I can write efficiently both in markdown and latex with a live preview of math formulas?

Currently, I use markdown as my language and copy the snippets of language-latex as my personal snippets, changing its scope to source.gfm. I use atom-markdown-katex for live preview. It almost satisfies what I desire. But I still do not have the full syntax highlights of LaTeX. Does anyone know how to solve it?


I was hoping this was an already implemented feature in Atom, considering mathjax support in markdown already exists in projects such as Jupyter. Dissappointed to learn that this was an open issue for 2 years+



I stand corrected. markdown-preview-plus seems to work fine.