Integrate Octave with Atom


Hello everyone:
I’m trying to use Atom as my default Octave editor so I’ve installed script and language-matlab-octave, but I’ve run into some trouble, when I run a simple script such as:

y = magic(3);
printf(“Hello World\n”);
x = input("Enter an integer: ")
x = input(

The console will display [Finished in 0.633s], nothing more. In addition, if I edit Configure Run Options and set “Command” to octave-cli it will display Hello World, but even then I’m unable to get any user input or display any plots.
I’d appreciate if any of you could help me with this issue or provide some tips on how to use Octave with Atom.

Thanks for your help.


Did you work out this problem? I’m currently stuck on a very same thing :expressionless:


Hello guys. Well I have exactly the same problem: I installed the octave kernal for jupyter which works fine with nteract. However when I load an .m file in Atom there is a red message for “No Kernel for grammar Matlab found”