Integrate mysql db into package


I am new to electron.I have created one sample app with mysql database for storing data.

I want to create exe file with database inegrated within it so that client dont need to install mysql on their pc.


Electron doesn’t provide a method of doing what you’re asking. You would essentially need to build a customized MySQL installer that could be executed by your application.


ok ,can someone please provide me step by step guidance for auto updation process.I have created exe file using electron-packager-interactive.
Please give me detailed steps.


Is there any way to intigreat Any Data Base with exe.
Or any alternative to @rahulgore34 question?


NeDB is database you can use,…



I’m using sqlite3, it’s work fine but not with the exe.
Any tips about it ?

i used build --x64 to create my exe !

tanks :slight_smile: