Installing Python Package


Where is the package for Python and how does one install it?


What exactly do you mean by “Python package”? If you mean syntax highlighting, Atom comes with language-python for that. If you mean tools, there are various packages for that, just try searching the packages for “python”. Could you be a bit more specific please?

To install a package, you can go to Atom’s settings and go to “Install” and search for a package, then just click the install button.

  • For the term, /Python Pack//age/, see GitHub
    • My copy of Atom does not list ANY packages in the /Sett//ings /tab.
      Instead of a list of packages, what appears is a table listing the
      following items:
      o Bracket Matcher
      o Command Pallete
      o Dev Live Reload
      o (13 more headings)

I may be making an incorrect inference: I’m under the impression that a
/Python Pa//ckage/ would convert /Atom /into a /Python Editor/ capable
of identifying errors on the fly – for example, syntax errors.



Ok, first, the packages would be listed under Settings->Packages (sorry if you checked there, I may’ve misunderstood).

Second, I believe what you’re looking for is a Python linter. A great one is linter-python-pep8, it even has instructions for how to install it’s dependencies.


What you’re looking for is a linter package. The most popular choice is probably the linter package alongside your preferred lint provider for Python.


Thank you; I’ll look into the link you gave me.



Thank you for your guidance.