Installing Packages Help!


I’m fairly new to Atom and coding generally so this may be a fairly simple problem, but I’m having trouble running the atom-runner package from lsegal. I installed the package, but when I use the shortcuts listed in the README nothing happens. Did I miss a step when installing?? I’m running atom on OSX Yosemite.


Use ctrl-. (ctrl-period) to bring up the key binding resolver. Then press the shortcut and see if the package is in the list or not. Also if something is higher than that one then it is stealing the key. Then we can see how to proceed.


Thanks for the response! Here’s what happened.


The key-binding worked properly. And the runner seems to be working in the right pane. Has your problem gone away?

BTW, the error the runner is showing is due to not having coffee installed in your system. You need to do npm i coffee-script -g to install it.


It seems I can only open the runner when I click on the short cut in the key binding resolver and then enter the short cut again. Is there anyway I can use the shortcut without having to open the key binding resolver?


Do I enter this in my terminal? (sorry, super new to atom).


I didn’t know you could click on it. What happens when you just press the key without clicking? Is the runner the only line showing in the resolver?


When I click the key binding solution, it just takes me to the file where the keybindings are defined.
When I have the the atom runner cson file open the runner works, but when I try to open it with a different file, the command does nothing. Could this have something to do with my config?


I’m not familiar with runner and can’t help. Unless someone else here can help I suggest you go to the runner repo and ask there.