Installing packages and themes on arch linux - error while loading shared libraries:


Hi all,

I’ve encountered a weird error on Atom on Manjaro.
I’ve been using Atom with Windows for a while and it’s all good, but just moved to Manjaro few days ago and found this bug.

So I can’t really install any plugin or theme through settings screen.

/usr/bin/node: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I get this error, here is a screenshot

After investigating a bit I found out here could be a solution with openSSL package that is related with libcrypto. So i checked my openSSL package and it’s all good.

I feel like atom is looking for that thing in a wrong folder? And I have no idea how to fix that.

Any idea?


If anyone runs into this;

I had nodejs installed through nvm.
So I guess atom was looking for certain dependencies in a non-existed folder, i.e. usr/bin/node

I ended up uninstalling nvm, nodejs, npm, atom, and even openssl and openssh completely, including whatever dependencies were alongside with those.

Then I did fresh install of openSSL/SSH and installed nodejs/npm/atom through pacman without NVM … and it worked.

Even though I hate that I had to install nodejs through pacman cause it asks for sudo when doing global npm …