Installing packages 2.0


When I search for any package (Currently trying platformio-ide-terminal) I get the following error:
"unable to verify the first certificate"
My Packages folder is empty.
It’s my first time using Atom and I am quite new to programming, so I don’t really know much of the jargon. I would appreciate a sort of step-by-step for fixing the issue.



Not too sure where and how you are searching and where you see the error. Some detail in this would be welcome. Also consider telling us which OS and which Atom version.

Please try installing the ZEN package as directed in the picture (…selecting “Settings” first).

In my picture the ZEN package is already installed, so it does not have the “install” button… yours would. The reason for my request - the terminal package have some other quirks which I need to ignore for the moment.

Good luck.


What happens when you open the command line and type apm install platformio-ide-terminal?


I am on the same screen you are but I get this error. I suspect this has something to do with Atoms ability to connect to the internet, but I’m probably wrong.


The command line output is usually more informative. Please try my suggestion and let us know what you see. When posting CLI output or code, don’t forget to highlight it and press the </> button above the editor to mark to as code.


This seems like an internet connection issue. We’ll need more detail.

You are in good hands with @DamnedScholar (thank you!), please follow his instructions. Just ask if you do not know something… even of it is like how to open the terminal in Windows. (mood: encouragement)



@DamnedScholar, I get what seems like a similar message.
@danPadric, thank you.


But vastly more informative, because it tells us that the unique error code is UNABLE_TO_VERIFY_LEAF_SIGNATURE. We can Google that to find out what it’s about. I mostly find StackOverflow questions. This seems to be an authentication issue. Do you know if the computer is behind some kind of firewall? Do you use NPM for anything from that computer?

Fortunately, this came up in 2014 and there was a GitHub issue opened about it. Try this fix and see if that works for you: