Installing Atom on Gentoo


Has anyone installed it on Gentoo? Is there a user-created overlay for atom already? If you did, please share.


Just posted Gentoo Linux unofficial atom ebuild on its way

Still work to be done but I hoped there is others gentoo users waiting for a Gentoo ebuild to try atom !


Nice. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about writing ebuilds.


Ok ! Only two points to fix before you can try it out…

For the moment atom-shell is working standalone but atom does not start because it can’t find atom-shell. I am working on it.


Some directories will change if you are using an old installation of gentoo.
Unfortunately, aegypius overlay is not in the official list (layman -L), so I kept ‘jorgicio’. I think will be the same if you decide to use the aegypius overlay (please, aegypius, ask to gentoo team to be an official overlay).
Ok, that’s the commands list I’ve used:

$ sudo su -
# emerge -av layman
# layman -a jorgicio
# echo 'PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/var/lib/layman/jorgicio $PORTDIR_OVERLAY"' >> /etc/portage/make.conf
# echo "=app-editors/atom-bin-1.7.3 ~amd64" >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords/atom-bin
# echo ">=app-text/ghostscript-gpl-9.15-r1 cups" >> /etc/portage/package.use/atom-bin
# echo ">=app-crypt/pinentry-0.9.5 gnome-keyring" >> /etc/portage/package.use/atom-bin
# echo ">=app-crypt/gcr-3.18.0 gtk" >> /etc/portage/package.use/atom-bin
# emerge -av app-editors/atom-bin

Ps.: also considering an updated portage