Installing a package on a windows system wide installation


I’ve opened a thread earlier about installing atom system wide on windows. Why ? Because I work in a college in France and we have a windows 7 network with roaming profiles. It’s cool, but on each session opening, atom would transfer hundreds of MB on the LAN

I managed to install with success ATOM in the Program Files directory, with just unzipping the atom zip package, and it works

My question is now about packages. How can I do the same for packages, especially when they have dependency ?

I really need to put some packages system wide. For example, atom beautify is not in core. It take 180M once installed. Multiply by 1200 students, and you nou I have to get 180 G of disk space on the server for roaming profiles just for one usefull package

Should I use a user to apm install and copy the content of the new package to the C:\Program files ? will it work ? Is there another solution ?

TIA for your kind answers


Atom looks at the .atom/ folder for all of its configurations. Inside that, it looks at the packages/ folder for package code. What if you had a single packages/ folder for the entire network and each user’s .atom/ folder had a symbolic link back to the master packages/? I believe that would work. Atom already respects packages that are symlinked through apm link and apm develop, so I don’t see why symlinking the entire folder would be a problem. If you don’t want to force everyone to use the same packages, though, you could just do what apm link already does and symlink individual package folders. It seems very possible.