Installing a package on a windows system wide installation


I’ve opened a thread earlier about installing atom system wide on windows. Why ? Because I work in a college in France and we have a windows 7 network with roaming profiles. It’s cool, but on each session opening, atom would transfer hundreds of MB on the LAN

I managed to install with success ATOM in the Program Files directory, with just unzipping the atom zip package, and it works

My question is now about packages. How can I do the same for packages, especially when they have dependency ?

I really need to put some packages system wide. For example, atom beautify is not in core. It take 180M once installed. Multiply by 1200 students, and you nou I have to get 180 G of disk space on the server for roaming profiles just for one usefull package

Should I use a user to apm install and copy the content of the new package to the C:\Program files ? will it work ? Is there another solution ?

TIA for your kind answers


Atom looks at the .atom/ folder for all of its configurations. Inside that, it looks at the packages/ folder for package code. What if you had a single packages/ folder for the entire network and each user’s .atom/ folder had a symbolic link back to the master packages/? I believe that would work. Atom already respects packages that are symlinked through apm link and apm develop, so I don’t see why symlinking the entire folder would be a problem. If you don’t want to force everyone to use the same packages, though, you could just do what apm link already does and symlink individual package folders. It seems very possible.


Thanks for your answer, and globally for your help.

I will give it a try, especially now that I have a concern about opening time of atom. Accessing files accros network share seems quite slow. Sluggish even.

I’m explaining.

On a windows network, the file sharing protocol is (for windows 7) cifs version 1 or 2. We use version 2 here, which is far better. But this protocol can be quite slow for a lot of small files. Atom is built on small files. For exemple, the pigments packages has more than 1300+ files.

As package files are stored on a per user basis, on a network roaming profile environnement, there are more than 20 000 files opened for just some plugins ! The atom opening time is sluggish. Around a whole minute.

It’s not solely a network problem. We have full gigabit network, not saturated, with gigabit cards, the computers are i5 or i7 quad cores. Atom is slow partly because of the networks but some software are faster.

I’ve seen in another thread some of the atom file attribute reading are particulary slow over network. Maybe it’s the problem ?

Installing packages locally could help. But I often have the ‘atom not responding’ message, and have to click on “keep waiting”.

For now, I use atom on my computer for personnal use. Great, configurable, fast.

But on the college computers, with roaming MS profiles, I have to use brackets because of time usage…

Look at the timecop stats … (spell check was disabled : 10s for loading and 22s of activation ). file icons … 10s for activation ?

The computer is not the problem (recent 4core i5, 8G of DDR3 , Gigabit network card) and this afternoon, we are only a few to use the network …
I can figure how to solve this


It looks like you’ve been working at this for a while, so maybe this is still helpful…
Wouldn’t it work to use Group Policy to exclude specific folders from roaming profiles, so they exist only locally and don’t get synced to your roaming profiles share/store?
It seems that might be an easier route than installing packages to some custom location in system space. See Include and exclude folders in roaming user profiles by 4sysops.
For what it’s worth.