Installing a JavaScript Console


The following link offers instructions on how to install a javaScript Console in Sublime Text. Can the same procedure be used (or modified for) Atom?



Atom doesn’t have a method for executing code built-in (other than the JavaScript console in the Developer Tools). There are links to community packages in the FAQ though:



Thanks. I’m afraid the information you provided is way over my head. My objective was simply to avoid having to relaunch a browser window and go to Developer Tools to check for bugs. The process described on WikiHow for how to create a JavaScript console in Sublime Text seemed to be the ideal solution. Mind you, I haven’t been able to get it functioning in Sublime yet either.



I may be being presumptious, but it sounds like something like JS Bin might be the kind of thing that would be useful to you.

It sounds as if you’re not rolling out a large app, and just need to see if snippets of code aren’t working. And something like this would give a much easier way of auto-reloading minor JavaScript segments.

But perhaps I’ve misinterpreted your needs.