Installer works on Windows 7, not on Windos 10


Environment: Electron 1.6.11 (which includes NodeJS) and Bootstrap 3.3.x for the UI.

I am creating a NSIS installer using the following package.json file (partial listing here)

“win”: {
“target”: [
“icon”: “icons/ico/app1.ico”
“nsis”: {
“installerIcon”: “icons/ico/app1.ico”,
“uninstallerIcon”: “icons/ico/app1.ico”,
“oneClick”: false,
“allowToChangeInstallationDirectory”: true,
“license”: “LICENSE”,
“runAfterFinish”: true,
“include”: “build/installer.nsh”
“scripts”: {
“pack”: “build --dir”,
“dist”: “build”,
“postinstall”: “install-app-deps”,
“electron”: “electron .”

To build I execute:

npm run dist

My questions:

  1. The installer is built on Windows 7 and runs fine. But when deployed to Windows 10 the post-installation window does not appear and the initial installer window hangs (for a moment) then disappears. Ironically, the application installs properly – it just doesn’t look professional when installing. What could be the issue?
  2. Is there any way to install everything, and not do any post-installation, yet still install the entire product (which contains a Java application that is called from the Electron/Bootstrap UI)?
  3. At the end of the installation there is a window with a checkbox that asks if you want to run the Electron application – is there any way to remove this, stop it from appearing altogether and just continue with the post-installation process?

If you need screen shots, those can be provided.