Installed packages not working?


How do I make an installed package do what it’s supposed to do? I’ve installed three packages: block-cursor, git-clone, and linter-eslint. Git-clone works fine. The other two packages don’t work.

In block-cursor I went into the settings and changed to a block cursor (from the default I-beam cursor). I quit and restarted Atom. The cursor is still an I-beam, and the settings still show block-cursor.

Linter-eslint doesn’t show any red bars when I type a mistake. I haven’t changed any settings.

Do I have to do something to activate installed packages?

I took a screenshot showing my Settings page, Community Packages, listing the installed packages. How do I attach the screenshot to this topic?


Post an issue on the github repo for the package or fix it yourself and submit a PR.

No. They auto-activate as needed unless disabled in settings or you run atom in safe mode.

Just drag an image into this pane.