Installed packages list into single file


@pabloab currently atom api supports packages management to list only loaded packages.

you can run following snippet in Atom dev console

  .filter(pkg =>'.atom') !== -1)
// to list only 3rd party packages by filtering on path


Thank you @liuderchi. That give me a 130 length array, apm list | grep "──" | wc -l gives me 125 (no theme packages). --installed (community) only 34. Only a subset of those 34 are also enabled. How would be the JS to get those in the subset, installed (not bounded with Atom) && also enabled? Either way I was searching for a command line way to backup useful package (snapshot) to batch install again the future in the same way as @leedohm stated here.


Thank you @brettz9! Worked very well!