Installed Anaconda 2, Packages for Python3 on Atom No Longer Working Properly


Hello, all!

First time poster on the forum here, but I have been using atom for roughly a year for a little tinkering here and there when my schedule allows. Recently got a new computer (Windows 10 OS) and started ye olde reloading routine. I installed Atom as my first editor for use with Python3, which I also had installed and working via command line interface to make sure the path was all good. I had Script, Autopep8, flake8, Hydrogen, etc. all loaded up and working just fine for a while!

Fast forward a week or so and I’ve started digging into a Data Science book I have. Apparently, due to the lack of backwards compatibility, the data science community still prefers Python2.7, specifically the Anaconda distro. No problem! I’ll go and set that up! After setup I go and make sure I can run both Python2.7 (which my system defaults to with ‘python’ commands) and Python3.6 (after I renamed the .exe to python3) in the command line, no problem. I fire up Atom to make sure all is well on that front and, as you may have guessed, it was not. My first indication that something was amiss was when linter spawned an error message every time I typed that flake8 was not found. I went to the program settings and put in the direct path to my Python3 script folder where it already resided, and the error messages subsided. However, I get no feedback on intentional errors like I used to. Further, autopep8 no longer formats on save as it did, even after I set the path variable in the packages settings. Script defaults to the Anaconda Python2.7 version, but I have set up a profile to use the command ‘python3’, which results in the script being run by Python 3.6.

So that’s where I am at. I am kicking myself for breaking a good thing, but I really needed Python 2.7 to follow along with the book easily, and Anaconda comes ready with a lot of the data science packages that I would have otherwise had to install myself. Any ideas of what, in particular, that I broke? And more importantly, how to fix it?

(Also, let me know if I have left out any information which may be helpful for you, and it will be provided ASAP)

Thanks in advance!


If you can use both instances of Python from the command line but those packages can’t, then it’s a weird situation. The first thing I want you to do is reboot your computer. Have it start from zero with the new install and everything set up like it is and see if things work. If they don’t, then you should proceed with testing the following hypothesis:

It might be that both flake8 and autopep8 are looking in your Python 3 folder for an executable called python, not python3. You can right-click on python3.exe and select Duplicate, then change the duplicate to be python.exe. I don’t think there will be any problems with that. The “proper” way to do it would be to install this program, which gives you a context menu option to create hard and symbolic links, so you actually just have one Python binary that’s accessible from two names, but I don’t believe that there’s anything that will fail if you go for the easier path of having two binaries. At least until you need to update.


Brilliant! I didn’t even think about the consequences that renaming python would have on the package executables. That worked like a charm. I’ll use that for now, and look into that program. I just have to wonder if now that I have two "python.exe"s there will be some strange behavior that will have me back here before too long.

Anyway, problems are fixed for now. Thank you so much for your speedy insight!